Well, I’m happy to report despite the battle of the bug, we are already enjoying the spoils of our garden. I have to say, lettuce you grow yourself tastes better than any you’ll ever taste (and trust me, I’ve tried all sorts of fancy greens). Today, I had to deal with the cucumber plant that is now referred to as, “Godzilla,” because it is taking over our little community in a big way. The tomato stake the garden store recommended is no longer visible (clearly she underestimated my cucumber cultivating prowess) and the satellite stakes have become mere playthings to the vine. So, I installed a grid trellis and wrangled the beast into submission, for now at least. I just hope I didn’t damage any potential pickles in the struggle…

Here are some pictures of the garden today, our first-picked produce and – praise the Lord – a tomato!


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