Man Down

Tonight I made the decision to pull the plug on the cucumber plant. If it could make a sound, it would have been wheezing. I picked the five or six viable cucumbers it had left then I yanked the thing up. I think the faint sound of “Taps” was playing in back of my head as I hauled the plant across the yard and deposited it in our unofficial composting area.

Our youngest came out and was very sad to see I was pulling up the cucumber. I shared her look of defeat. But, she perked up at the thought of planting something new in its place. We’ll start a new journey tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I have leaf footed bugs to contend with on the tomatoes. I have lots of Better Boys and a couple Cherokee Purples I’m very excited to see on the vines. But, these darn bugs are gobbling them up from the inside out. In hopes of rescuing the larger tomatoes, I brought them in to ripen in the windowsill. I’ve made a list of things to try to get rid of them without damaging the plants and crossed my fingers.

Y’all don’t even want to know what’s going on with the herbs. I can’t go on…I may just cry.


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