Here’s to New Beginnings and Better Boys

Last night, in the heat of my battle against leaf footed bugs and in an act of fevered desperation, I took to squishing the freeloaders between my bare fingers! Last week, I sprayed all the tomato plants with Neem Oil, and those leaf footed bugs couldn’t have cared less. So, they got another shot of it and I didn’t see any today. Fingers crossed! The good news is, those green tomatoes I rescued and brought in to the infirmary (my windowsill) have ripened beautifully. So, if tomatoes equal points in this battle, I think I’m one or two ahead.

In other news, we planted some Boston Pickling Cucumber seeds just for the heck of it and to ease our pain left by the untimely death of our Burpless cucumber plant. It really is amazing that a new plant can sprout in just a few short days. I realize we’re off season, but as long asSouth Louisianasummers last, we’ll just take what we can get. Hope for bread and butter pickles springs eternal, right?


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