Good Gracious It’s Hot!

Hot nights in the backyard or swinging on the front porch are so much more bearable with a cold glass in your hand. Happy hour at home on the veranda was invented by glistening Southern women, and I’m happy to follow in their footsteps. So, I set out to find some unusual frozen drinks I could keep on hand for those days while we sit watching the kids ride bikes and some to keep our guests cool at our summer gatherings. I also wanted to offer my sweaty little girls something a bit more healthy than a store-bought popsicle to cool them down after their fierce big wheel races.

For these recipes and more – check out City Social’s July issue on stands now or online at!

Frozen Cucumber Mint Mojito
3 medium or 2 large cucumbers, chopped
3 ounces white rum
4 ounces Sprite
2 teaspoons sugar
Juice of one lime
Five or 6 mint leaves
2 cups ice 

Blend all ingredients until slushy. Garnish with fresh mint sprig and serve cold in highball or any tall, narrow glass.

White Peach Sangria (I have to credit my husband for perfecting this one!)
1 bottle peach schnapps
1 large bottle Moscato wine
4 ounces vodka or white rum
8 ounces peach nectar
2 or 3 cans Sprite
Frozen peaches

Pour all ingredients into a pitcher and stir until blended. Serve in wine glasses with peach slices or set out a dispenser and stand for guests to help themselves.

Basil Mango Smoothie
1 can frozen peach daiquiri mix, slightly thawed + 1 can of water
2 cups frozen mango chunks
1 cup frozen strawberries
5 or 6 fresh basil leaves

Mix the daiquiri mix and water in the blender. Add the frozen fruit and basil. Pulse until thick and smooth. Serve immediately or freeze in individual servings for later.

Banana Fig Smoothie
2 frozen bananas
1/2 cup jarred figs or fig preserves
1 tablespoon fig syrup or honey
1 cup vanilla yogurt
1 cup orange juice 

Cut bananas in 1-inch rounds and pull away peels. Place peeled banana rounds and other ingredients in a blender and mix until thoroughly blended. Chill in fridge for about 2 hours or freeze in individual containers for a quick and cool breakfast on the go.


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