Back in Business

Saturday, after a brief, shall we say, hissy fit (I may have actually stomped my foot) at the garden store, I was able to track down the last few tomato plants in the city. Apparently, one needs to camp out at the garden store – new iPhone 5 style – to get vegetable plants in the fall. None of this one-visit-a-week, pussy footing around.

Okay, enough ranting and raving. Here’s the brand new setup with brand new plants. At the moment, we have Creole and Better Boy tomatoes, green bell peppers, jalapenos and some Brussels spouts. I also planted two kinds of lettuce from seed and shoved a few fridge-found green onions in the ground last night.

My attitude is a lot more on the practical side knowing we’re short on time and daylight this season; and, I no longer live in a bug-free dreamland. So, I’m cautiously optimistic about our success this fall. Stay tuned!


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