Garding the Garden

Iyellow guess it’s about time for a garden update! I am pleased to announce my “hastily planted” tomato bushes survived all the cold snaps and are doing well. So far, I’ve had a few too many BLTs with their delicious red fruits. The yellow tomatoes are also doing well. I can’t wait to take a few more pictures of these little guys. They’re so pretty!

The cucumbers are behaving as if they’ve been fertilized (I keep forgetting to 136buy it at the store) or mutated (we live kinda close to a plant and the Mississippi River). We left for a four-day trip with tiny little baby veggies on the vine. This nearly 1 and 1/2 foot monster is what we found when we got home:

Today, I attacked the grass problem we have this year. I’m not sure how to get rid of it without harming the plants, so I’ll just have to be more vigilant about pulling it out before it gets out of hand.


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